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Rental Rates

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A one-week minimum rental is required. Discounts are available for rentals of one month or more.

Listed below is our Runaway Bay Vacations Rental Rates. Contact us today for availability.

Weekly Rates

2017January 7th - January 14th$875
2017January 14th - February 25th$1,295
2017February 25th - April 1st$1,600
2017April 1st - April 15th$1,295
2017April 15th - April 22nd$1,815
2017April 22nd - April 29th$1,295
2017April 29th - July 1st$945
2017July 1st - July 8th$1,200
2017July 8th - August 5th$990
2017August 5th - September 16th$945
2017September 16th - November 18th$910
2017November 18th - December 2nd$1,000
2017December 2nd - December 23rd$910
2017December 23rd - January 6th$1,150
2018January 6th - January 13th $910
2018January 13th - February 24th$1,330
2018February 24th - March 31st$1,465
2018March 31st - April 7th$1,785
2018April 7th - April 28th $1,330
2018April 28th - June 30th$945
2018June 30th - July 7th$1,275
2018July 7th - July 28th$1,040
2018July 28th - September 15th$945
2018 September 15th - November 17th$910
2018November 17th - November 24th$1,000
2018November 24th - December 22nd$910
2018December 22nd - January 5th $1,230
2019January 5th - January 12th$910

Weekly Holiday Rates

2017Fourth of July$1,200
2017New Year's$1,150
2018Fourth of July$1,275
2018New Year's$1,230